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About WNRS

WNRS is a leading global provider of customized debt collection and accounts receivable management services. For over three decades WNRS has been helping companies in a diversified range of industries increase cash-flow and reduce operating expenses through results driven accounts receivable management and specialized collection services.

Through its headquarters in Miami, FL, WNRS oversees the company’s business operation centers in U.S., Canada, & Latin America. Get to know more about our services and find out what results WNRS can bring to you.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate collection agency to handle your company's account receivables, look no further than WNRS. Not only have our proven collection systems worked for thousands of clients for over thirty years, but also, our team of networked offices, subsidiaries, research & investigation experts, multi-lingual debt collection specialists, and governmental partners have provided our clients with a synergistic collection program that is unrivaled in the debt collection industry.

About WNRS: Mission,Vission and Objective

Vision: Our vision simply stated is to: expedite and resolve collection delays globally.

Mission: To continue to strengthen our worldwide position as the premier provider of customized accounts receivable management and collection services to our diversified client groups.


Features & Benefits
Top Business Processes

Through the years, WNRS has created strategic game plans for managing your industry’s accounts receivables. From our account level processes, to our personnel and data flow systems; WNRS has created a foolproof approach that generates continuous revenue for our clients at all stages of the debt.From small independent owned companies to fortune 500 accounts, WNRS has the right processes, resources, and solutions to support companies of any size and help them re-gain control over their A/R and collection functions.

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Talented Human Capital

Our results driven experts undergo vigorous training and development programs built to sync with our client’s business practices and objectives. Our corporate employee benefits and bonus programs allow for the highest level of employee retention and translate into personalized-high quality service for our clients. Our culture exudes motivation, awards results, and works hand in hand with our client’s expectations. There is no substitute for our prominent business experts. Maximize your cashflow ann, contact WNRS today

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Innovative Technology

Our operations feature state of the art technologies. All centers are connected through closed network technologies, allowing our associates and account professionals to work with the most up-to-date real-time data when handling your accounts. Our center’s run on our proprietary software and all feature: VOIP telephony systems, predictive dialers, digital customer service recording systems, secure socket technology, WAN technologies, mirrored hard drive data storage platforms, automated data processors, and many other technological advantages that allow us to offer scale-able solutions to manage our customer’s accounts.

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24 x 7 Account Tracking

WNRS has added a new benefit to its system and simply by logging in, you can start tracking listed account information real-time via our online client server. Enjoy the benefits of our fully transparent system and start monitoring your accounts progress today!

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Global Leader

WNRS has earned the title of “de-facto leader in debt collections”. From our innovative processes, to our talented human capital and data flow systems; WNRS has created a foolproof approach that generates continuous revenue for our clients at all stages of the debt. From small independent owned companies to fortune 500 accounts, WNRS has the right people, processes, and solutions to support our client’s most pressing debt collection needs.

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Accredations,Compilance,& Licensing

WNRS takes a multifaceted approach at managing compliance programs. Through continuing education and training programs our account specialists are up to date and comply with relevant consumer protection regulations such as the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and other applicable laws governing such matters in the various jurisdictions and countries in which we operate.

WNRS is registered through the office of financial regulation and complies with all applicable licensing and bond requirements required by the areas and jurisdictions in which we operate.

• WNRS holds “A standard” reliability ratings with the National U.S. Business Bureaus.
• 2003 National Leadership Award by the Business Advisory Council of the Congressional Committee.
• American Collection Association government services program recognition, 94’, 96’, 01’, 08’, and 09’
• Compliant with U.S. – EU Safe Harbor Framework
• WNRS takes part in various local & international charities throughout North and Latin America. WNRS has been a supporter and sponsor of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital one of the world’s premier pediatric cancer research centers, The American Red Cross, and various other charities.

WNRS has been featured in: Bloomberg, El Financiero, and other important trade magazines.

For more information on our accreditations or our nonprofit charitable funding initiatives, please submit requests in writing to: info@wnrs.com